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Troy Bolton x Jimmie „Rocketman“ Zara

It was a dream come true for Jimmie “Rocketman” Zara. He had been warming the bench ever since the East High Wildcats had hit the final few rounds of the state championship. The team complained he was too ADD and didn’t integrate into the team well. And now here they were, in the freaking last 16 minutes of the freaking season and Bolton wanted him in. He couldn’t help the adrenaline rush that coursed through his body and made him jump up and down like an elementary kid. They didn’t call him “Rocketman” for nothing.

That didn’t mean he missed the looks the team sent their captain.

“Hey!” Bolton bellowed and with that one syllable got Jimmie down from his adrenaline high, focused on his captain.

“You keep your eyes on me”, Bolton instructed and made sure to pronounce every word clearly. Jimmie nodded and felt pride swell up in him when Troy gave one curt nod back in acknowledgement before leading his team back onto the field.

‘Keep your eyes on me’ Bolton had said, so that was exactly what Jimmie did. He kept his eyes glued to his captain’s sweaty, muscled, graceful form that raced up and down the field. He played for Gabriella now, everyone who knew him could see that. Nowadays, no one but his girlfriend could place that deeply concentrated and determined look on his face. Troy Bolton was the living proof that the East High basketball team really were wildcats.

And then suddenly he looked up, locked his indomitable gaze on Jimmie and stole his breath away. It were solely his reflexes that made the suddenly still Rocketman catch the ball that Bolton passed him. And what else to do with a basketball than throw it through the hoop? Everyone was surprised, perplexed even, when Troy Bolton passed up the chance to score the winning shot himself and instead this complete nobody was allowed to do the job for him. Because that’s what it was. Bolton could probably have scored those points as well. No one was as stunned as Jimmie was.

While the opposing team was still lost somewhere between surprise and the dawning realization that they had lost this game – heck, they had lost the season, the championship! – the wildcats and all East High sympathisers in the audience broke out into loud cheering Troy Bolton was hoisted up onto his team mates’ shoulders and Gabriella Montez raced down onto the field. But shortly before her red lips crashed onto her boyfriend’s there was a smile on his lips that was meant just for Jimmie.

Jimmie felt his heart race and his head spin. Over the heads of all the other team members, Troy Bolton’s eyes had sought him out to give him a small smile.

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